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    Black phosphorus nanostructures: recent advances in hybridization, doping and functionalization CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS Wanying Lei Gang Liu, Jin Zhang, Minghua Liu 2017 46 3492-3509
    A molecular spin-photovoltaic device Science Xiangnan Sun Luis E. Hueso 2017 357 677-680
    Surface modification of gold nanoparticles with small molecules for biochemical analysis ACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH Chen YP Jiang XY 2017 50 2 310-319
    Ultrathin Single-crystalline CdTe Nanosheets Realized via Van der Waals Epitaxy Advanced Materials R. Q. Cheng Z. X. Wang,?J. He 2017 29 1703122
    3R MoS2 with Broken Inversion Symmetry: A Promising Ultra-thin Nonlinear Optical Device Advanced Materials Jia Shi Xiaohui Qiu, Zheng Liu, Xinfeng Liu 2017 29 1701486
    A Carbonyl Compound-Based Flexible Cathode with Superior Rate Performance and Cyclic Stability for Flexible Lithium-Ion Batteries Advanced Materials Amin, Kamran Wei, Zhixiang 2017 29 1703868-n/a
    A Facile Reduction Method for Roll-to-Roll Production of High Performance Graphene-Based Transparent Conductive Films Advanced Materials Jing Ning Linjie Zhi 2017 29 9 1605028
    An "On-Site Transformation" Strategy for Treatment of Bacterial Infection Advanced Materials Guo-Bin Qi Zeng-Ying Qiao, Hao Wang 2017 29 36 1703461
    Antibody-Mimetic Peptoid Nanosheet for Label-Free Serum-Based Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease Advanced Materials Zhu L Wang C, Yang Y, Hu Z 2017 29 30 1700057
    Carbon Nanotubes as an Ultrafast Emitter with a Narrow Energy Spread at Optical Frequency Advanced Materials Chi Li Zhipei Sun, Kaihui Liu, Qing Dai 2017 29 1701580:1-6
    Design of Diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP)-based Small Molecules for Organic Solar Cell Applications Advanced Materials Ailing Tang Chuanlang Zhan, Erjun Zhou 2017 29 201600013
    Host Materials Transformable in Tumor Microenvironment for Homing Theranostics Advanced Materials Pei-Pei Yang, Qiang Luo, Guo-Bin Qi Lei Wang 2017 29 15 1605869
    Interface engineering in solution-processed nanocrystal thin films for improved thermoelectric performance Advanced Materials Ding, D. Lu, C.; Tang, Z. 2017 29 1 1603444
    MoS2/celgard separator as efficient polysulfide barrier for long-life lithium-sulfur batteries Advanced Materials Ghazi, Z. A. Li, L.; Tang, Z. 2017 29 21 1606817
    Photothermal Ring Integrated Intraocular Lens for High-Efficient Eye Disease Treatment Advanced Materials Yao-Xin Lin Lei Wang, Hao Wang 2017 29 1701617
    Self-adjusting, polymeric multilayered roll that can keep the shapes of the blood vessel scaffolds during biodegradation Advanced Materials Cheng SY Bai W, Zheng WF, Jiang XY 2017 29 28 1700171(1-8)
    Spatiotemporally Controllable Peptide-Based Nanoassembly in Single Living Cells for a Biological Self-Portrait Advanced Materials Yuanyuan Zhao Xing-Jie Liang 2017 29 1601128(1-8)
    Achievement of High Voc of 1.02 V for P3HT-Based Organic Solar Cell Using a Benzotriazole-Containing Non-Fullerene Acceptor Advanced Energy Materials Bo Xiao Erjun Zhou 2017 7 8 1602269-n/a
    Enhancing the Photovoltaic Performance via Vertical Phase Distribution Optimization in Small Molecule:PC71BM Blends Advanced Energy Materials Zhang, Yajie Lu, Guanghao, Ma, Wei, Wei, Zhixiang 2017 7 22 1701548-n/a
    Mechanical Analyses and Structural Design Requirements for Flexible Energy Storage Devices Advanced Energy Materials Mao, Lijuan Wei, Zhixiang 2017 7 23 1700535-n/a
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