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    Polarization-induce Saw-tooth-like Potential Distribution in Zincblende-Wurtzite Superlattice for Efficient Charge Separation Nano Energy K. Zhang J. R. Gong 2017 41 101-108
    The Effect of Directed Photogenerated carrier Separation on Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production Nano Energy Yuelei Si Xiaochun Wu, Xinfeng Liu, Lingyu Piao 2017 41 488-493
    Two-dimensional Metal Phosphorus Trisulfide Nanosheet with Solar Hydrogen-Evolving Activity Nano Energy F. M. Wang J. He 2017 40 673-680
    Boosting the down-shifting luminescence of rare-earth nanocrystals for biological imaging beyond 1500 nm Nature Communications Zhong Y Hu Z, Dai H 2017 8 1 737
    Gold nanoclusters-assisted delivery of NGF siRNA for effective treatment of pancreatic cancer Nature Communications Lei YF Zheng WF, Jiang XY 2017 8 15130(1-15)
    High-Performance Ultraviolet Photodetector Based on a Few-Layered 2D NiPS3 Nanosheet Advanced Functional Materials J. W. Chu L. P. Feng, J. Xiong, J. He 2017 27 1701342
    Interface Engineered WxC@WS2 Nanostructure for Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution Catalysis Advanced Functional Materials F. M. Wang J. He 2017 27 1605802
    Intracellular Construction of Topology-Controlled Polypeptide Nanostructures with Diverse Biological Functions Nature Communications Li-Li Li, Sheng-Lin Qiao Hao Wang 2017 8 1 1276
    Probing optial anisotropy of nanometer-thin van der waals microcrystals by near-field imaging Nature Communications Debo Hu Mengkun Liu, Qing Dai 2017 8 1471:1-8
    Shape-dependent ordering of gold nanocrystals into large-scale superlattices Nature Communications Gong, J. Glotzer, S. C.; Tang, Z. 2017 8 14038
    Symmetry control of nanorod superlattice driven by a governing force Nature Communications Yujia Liang Ke Deng, Xiaochun Wu, Ivan I. Smalyukh, Qian Liu 2017 8 1410
    Two-dimensional non-layered materials: synthesis, properties and applications Advanced Functional Materials Feng Wang Zhenxing Wang,Jun He 2017 27 1603254
    Lead-free perovskite materials (NH4)3Sb2IxBr9?x Angewandte Chemie International Edition Zuo, C. Ding, L. 2017 56 6528–6532
    Doublet?Triplet Energy Transfer-Dominated Photon Upconversion Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters Jianlei Han Pengfei Duan, Feng Li, Minghua Liu 2017 8 23 5865-5870
    Lipid nanoparticle-mediated efficient delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 for tumor therapy NPG Asia Materials Zhang LM Zheng WF, Jiang XY 2017 9 e441(1-8)
    Genome editing for cancer therapy: delivery of Cas9 protein/sgRNA plasmid via a gold nanocluster/lipid core–shell nanocarrier Advanced Science Wang P Zheng WF, Jiang XY 2017 4 11 201700175(1-10)
    Nanogap-Engineerable Electromechanical System for Ultralow Power Memory Advanced Science Jian Zhang Weiguo Chu, Haiqing Zhou, Lianfeng Sun 2017 1700588 1700588(1-7)
    Nanomicelle-assisted targeted ocular delivery with enhanced anti-inflammatory efficacy in vivo Advanced Science Yu-Hua Weng Zhong-Bo Hu, Kai-Hui Nan, Xing-Jie Liang 2017 1700455(1-11)
    Through-Bond Energy Transfer Cassette with Dual-Stokes Shifts for “Double Checked” Cell Imaging Advanced Science Xiangdong Xue Xing-Jie Liang 2017 1700229(1-7)
    Evolution of morphology and open-circuit voltage in alloy-energy transfer coexisting ternary organic solar cells Journal of Materials Chemistry A Xia, Benzheng Lu, Kun 2017 5 20 9859-9866
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